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b3.Day9.Week2... Wednesday Video Game Art Workshop July.12th 4-5:30

This is for one 90 minute Video Game Art Workshop learning and studing the creative process of video games. The main focus is of character design, maps and backgrounds as well as vehicle and animal design. The workshop is held here at CHERRY BOMB TOYS for artists of suggested Ages  7-13. 

You are selecting for the work shop for July 9th, Wednesday  late afternoon from 4-5:30

The objective of this course is to help your artist fine tune their art skills by using video games as their model to focus off of.

The workshop is equal parts creation as well as play. The first part of the course is to work on their style, and learn new techniques. The last part of the workshop they get hands on practice with any of the 5x vintage gaming systems we have set up in the class room. (Yes that means they get to play video games as part of their learning experience) 

Each Work Shop is 1 1/2 in length, there is only 1 workshop offered for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. That's 3x times a week only, in the late afternoon. Price per Work Shop is $25 per 90 minutes, plus applicable taxes for a total of $28. 

Availability for workshops is for only three days of the week, and is hosted here at Cherry Bomb Toys @ 1410 Broad St. From 4-5:30. Spaces are very limited, so book your Work Shop Quickl!!!!

Depending on space and availability a drop in scenario is a welcome. Please call the store to confirm the day needed (250-385-8697). A waiver form must be signed by a parent or guardian before the artist starts the Work Shop. This will be passed to the guardian at the time of check in. 

Work Shop fees are non refundable, but are transferable if medical emergency situation arises. 

If a Work Shop needs to be re- scheduled, a credit will be given to be used for the future Work Shops. 

Any questions, just call or email:


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