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a5.Day5.Week1.. Friday Time Bandits July 7th 1-3

This is for one 2 hour Master Builder Work Shop using Lego here at CHERRY BOMB TOYS for builders for suggested Ages  6-13. 

.You are selecting for the work shop for July 7th, Friday Afternoon 1-3 for " Time Bandits"

The objective of this work shop is to fine tune the builders skills with challenges of building something completely wild and ready for time travel.  There are time Bandits out there making all kinds of Wackey buildings and vehicles. Join the time traveling fun, and push the imagination to the limits.  Anything is possible where time travel is concerned. We'll be showing various styles to use for making colourful and impressive builds for buildings or vehicles.

Last portion of the work shop, will be using their builds in fun and unique gaming situation.

Each Work Shop is 2 hours in length, there are 2 Work Shops offered per day. Price per Work Shop is $35 per 2 hours, plus applicable taxes for a total of $39.20  This fee will include a $5 credit to be used in the store at any time by the student, after they have completed the work shop they signed up for.

Availability for workshops is for Monday to Friday, 2 a day here at Cherry Bomb Toys @ 1410 Broad St. From 10-12 & 1-3pm. Spaces are limited, so book your Work Shop Quickl!!!!

Depending on space and availability a drop in scenario is a welcome. Please call the store to confirm the day needed (250-385-8697). A waiver form must be signed by a parent or guardian before the Builder starts the Work Shop. This will be passed to the guardian at the time of check in. 

Work Shop fees are non refundable, but are transferable if medical emergency situation arises. 

If a Work Shop needs to be re- scheduled, a credit will be given to be used for the future Work Shops. 

Any questions, just call or email:


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